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ESC Brushed Micro 1-2S 2A
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ESC Brushed Micro 1-2S 2A


Board Length 18.5mm
Board Width 7.3mm
Board Height 4.2mm
All-up Weight 4.0 grams
Voltage 3.7-7.4v
Rx Connector JR/Futaba
Batt Connector JST BCE

This ESC unit is suitable for 1S or 2S operation and can power brushed motors with up to 2 amps of current draw. It comes with Rx and battery leads pre-soldered. Note that this ESC does not include a BEC so the voltage of the battery is supplied to the receiver. Please ensure your receiver is capable of operating on 2S voltages. You may also choose to unsolder the leads and custom solder your own wiring to suit your particular implementation. See below for suggested wiring examples.  

In this wiring example we are utilising the existing wiring configuration and supplying power direct to the ESC unit and then using the Rx lead to power the receiver from the ESC.

In this example we have unsoldered the battery lead from the ESC board and instead, we are powering the receiver direct from the battery, and then powering the ESC from the receiver.


Price: $14.90


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