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ESC Brushed Micro 1S 10A Wired
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ESC Brushed Micro 1-2S 2A


Board Length 26.5mm
Board Width 16mm
Board Height 6.3mm
All-up Weight 5.3 grams
Weight Bare 1.3 grams
Voltage 3.7V (1S)

This brushed ESC is able to support up to 10Amps current draw. It’s one of the few one-way brushed ESC units on the market which is able to reliably handle such high current draw. With wires removed the ESC weighs just 1.3 grams.

Wiring Diagram

Note: We recommend that you supply power directly to the ESC unit and allow the receiver to be powered from the ESC. Don’t supply power to the receiver and power the ESC unit from the receiver.


Price: $26.90


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