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ESC Brushed Micro 1S 3A
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5Amp ESC 21mm x 15.5mm 6.3grams for 1s lipo


Length 13.9mm
Width 6.4mm
Height 4.25mm
Weight 0.38 grams
Voltage 3.2 - 5.5v
Auto Cutoff 3.1v
Constant 3 Amps
Max (5 sec) 5 Amps
Other Soft start

This 3Amp ESC unit has max draw of 5Amps for 5 seconds and is quite light for a brushed ESC. Use only for 1S applications.

Wiring Example - top of the board


Wiring Example - under of the board where we can see the connection of the white signal wire.

A quick video showing the unit operating.



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Now: $13.90
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