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ESC Brushed Micro 1S 4A Bare Board
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5Amp ESC 21mm x 15.5mm 6.3grams for 1s lipo


Length 20.0mm
Width 8.0mm
Height 3.2mm
Weight 0.37 grams
Voltage 2.8 - 5.5v
Constant 4 Amps

This light weight ESC board comes with no wires so you can solder your own custom wiring loom to suit your own needs. Note that this board is for 1S operation (3.7 volt lithium batteries.). Most micro receivers with on-board brushed ESC units only supply 2Amps so using this ESC unit instead of the on-board ESC allows for greater current draw up to 4 Amps.
Please also note that the voltage that you input will be supplied to the receiver, so your receiver must be able to operate at 1S voltage.

Wiring Example



Now: $15.70


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