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ESC Brushed Micro 1S 5A
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3Amp ESC Unit XP3A


Length 11.6mm
Width 10.2mm
Height 4.8mm
Weight 0.61grams
Continuous 5 Amps
Burst 7 Amps
Li-Po Rating 1S
Max Volts 4.2


This brushed ESC unit is perfect for powering brushed motors when you have a receiver which doesn’t have an onboard brushed ESC functionality. Most linear brick receivers as well as the DelTang receivers have onboard brushed ESC drivers, however for other receivers such as some in the Origin line which don’t have the onboard brushed ESC driver, these units can come in handy.

Note: The active throttle range is from 10% to about 90%. Above and below these values there is no variation in the throttle speed.

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