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ESC Brushed Micro 1S 8A Wired
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3Amp ESC Unit XP3A


Length 33mm
Width 8mm
Height 5mm
Continuous 8 Amps
Burst 15 Amps
Voltage 3.3 to 4.2v
UBEC Battery (1S)
Weight 6.8grams
with leads

This brushed ESC can supply a powerful 8Amps of continuous and 15amps burst current. The units come pre-wired so they are a simple plug n play solution. The connector is a standard JST BCE connector. With wires removed this unit weighs just 0.85 grams.

Important notes on this ESC:
1. The UBEC supplies the battery voltage to the receiver. If your battery drops to 3.5volts the receiver will be running on 3.5 volts. Check that your receiver can run adequately on 1S (3.7volts).

2. If drawing high current (5 to 8 amps) you should use a high grade lithium battery. We recommend at least a 500mah battery capable of 35 to 70C.

3. This unit should not be powered from the receiver. Instead, supply battery power to the ESC unit and power the receiver from the ESC unit.

Wiring Example

Top View

Bottom View

Price: $14.50

All prices in AUD
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