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ESC Micro MX-3A
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5Amp ESC 21mm x 15.5mm 6.3grams for 1s lipo


Length 13mm
Width 11.5mm
Height 3.4mm
(including wires)
0.37 grams
Battery 3.7 volts
Current 3A
Burst Current 5A (5 sec)

The Mx-3A is the new standard in micro ESC units. Power can be supplied directly to the ESC via the two Pos and Neg pads on the board, eliminating the need to separately power the receiver.

Firmware Version: SuperMicro 3.5A
Revision: 14.9

Standard Setup

BLHeliSuite Download Link


Was: $29.90
Now: $22.40
(NEW Lower Price)


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