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ESC Micro MX-3A Wired
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5Amp ESC 21mm x 15.5mm 6.3grams for 1s lipo


Length 13mm
Width 11.5mm
Height 3.4mm
(including wires)
1.0 grams
Battery 3.7 volts
Current 3A
Burst Current 5A (5 sec)

The Mx-3A is a plug and play solution and comes fully wired. Power is supplied to the ESC direct from any battery with a JST Power plug, and then on to the receiver through the JST SH connector which also supplies the signal from the receiver to the ESC unit.

Note: JST SH extensions can be used with this unit but wire order is reversed.


Price: $32.90

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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