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FPV Headset FXT Viper V2 5.8G Diversity Goggles
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MicronWings recommends these FXT Viper V2 goggles for anyone looking to get into FPV.  They’re easy to use – just plug them in and fly. These goggles use a reflection mirror system which increases the distance from your eyes to the screen eliminating eye strain and the need for special adapter lenses for those with less than perfect vision. You can even wear your glasses while using the goggles.

Another great advantage of this system is that you can remove the bottom light shield to give more peripheral vision for walking and moving around. Or you can very easily push the goggles up on your forehead and fly line of sight.

Will I outgrow these goggles? For many people this style of goggles is their go-to for ease of use. Even if you eventually decide to move up to more professional goggles, your investment in these goggles will be money well spent. Because the screen is removable, it can be taken out and used when working on the bench and testing your FPV systems. And because this screen suits anyone’s eyes, these goggles are perfect to pass to spectators who want to watch your flight video feed.

New V2.0 Version FXT Viper Product Features:

Built-in DVR recording for up to 10 minutes one file, one key recording/playback.
Aspect ratio: 16:9/4:3 switchable
Unique design even for people who wear glasses.

New patented design of optical refraction, which no eye strain even for long time.
With detachable 5inch monitor, combine goggle, separate monitor all in one.
Ergomonic design, no feeling of stress on your nose or eyes.
With true diversity receiver module inside, auto receive best signal.
40 Channels
Removeable sunshade, more free style
Menu for all 5.8Ghz frequency table, easy find, easy use.
The only one to make your favourite channel list, enjoy channel DIY.
Support HDMI IN.

Special Notes:
Battery is not included (3S 1200mah or similar recommended)

1. Screen size: 5 inch
2. Built-in DVR: Yes
3. Recording format: AVI
4. Support TF card: Max 32GB micro SD card
5. Input voltage: 7-28V
6. Screen type: TFT LCD screen/long life
7. Resolution: 800*480 pixels
8. Aspect ratio: 16:9 / 4:3 switchable
9. Brightness: 800cd/m2
10. Output signal: AV
11. Video format: AUTO/NTSC/PAL
12. Power consumption: 560mA@12V
13. Input signal: AV/HDMI
14. Status OSD display: Yes
15. HDMI IN (mini HDMI): Version 1.1 digital
16. Antenna connector: SMA
17. Dimension: 129*89*11mm

1. Object distance: 43mm
2. IPD: 63mm
3. FOV: 45 degree
4. Reflectivity: >85%
5. Magnification: 1.9X
6. Distance of exit pupil: 90mm
7. Distance of vitual image: 312mm

Independent Review Vidoes

Joshua Bardwell reviews Version 1 of these goggles

Painless 360 Review of the goggles

Connector on the antenna - SMA Male
Connector on the VRX - SMA Female

Price: $272.00


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