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FPV System 2.4G 100MW TxRx 2450ch Combo With Camera
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VTx 2.4G 100Mw
Voltage 3.7v (1S)
Camera 650TVL
Lense Deg 170 Degree
Frequency 2450Mhz
Weight 3.3 grams

This micro system weighs just 3.3 grams without the battery. Note that this is a 2.4G system so it must not be used with 2.4G radio systems. It is suitable for use with 1.2G, 5.8G or more commonly 40 or 72mhz transmitter and receiver systems.

The transmitter and camera come completely pre wired and ready to go. The audio (mike) is also wired in but audio quality is marginal.
The system also comes with a pre-wired receiver with a 3.5mm video jack which is suitable to be connected to most FPV screens or goggles. Both the transmitter and receiver operate on 3.3 to 5 volts, so for the receiver you will require a 1S battery pack with a JST BCE plug.

Frequency: 2450mhz
This transmitter / receiver combo is pre-set to the above frequency. The system can not be changed from this frequency except for wiring jumper wires to the board which on the Vtx requires specialised soldering equipment.  




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