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FPV System Micro 5.8G 25-200mw 16:9 1200TVL Camera
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Total Weight 8.7 grams
Output 25-200mw
Voltage 3.2-5.5V
Image Ratio 16:9
TVL 1200

This unit is a ready to run VTX / Camera combo designed for micro RC planes. It gives a quality FPV experience. At MicronWings, we have put a great deal of time and effort into testing various VTX / camera and antenna combos to find a system which gives exceptional performance for micro RC planes and this is it. We then custom designed a mounting system for the VTX and camera to make it easy to mount on RC planes.

Key Points
This system can run on 3.2 to 5.5 volts making it perfect for 1S (3.7 volt) operation most commonly used in micro RC planes. For 2S setups just use a 5 volt step-down regulator. A unique feature of this VTX is that it has an in-built step-up voltage regulator for the camera which can supply 5 volts to the camera at up to 300ma.

The VTX and camera mounts are made from 0.5mm FR4 fiberboard which is strong and light weight as well as being resistant to heat. The unique VTX mount which holds the VTX board away from the mount offers excellent cooling. These included mounts and double-sided mounting tape make installation very easy.

The VTX channel selection can be adjusted via a button on the VTX board without the need to be connected to a flight controller board like some other VTX. Power can also be set using the same button.

Note that this version features a 16:9 ratio camera. This gives a more panoramic view compared to the 4:3 version.

Camera (Foxeer Razor Nano)
Sensor Type: CMOS 1/3
TV System: PAL
Resolution: 1200TVL
FOV: FOV-H 125° / FOV-D 140°
Shutter Speed (CCD IRIS): PAL: 1/25 ~ 1/10000 sec; NTSC: 1/30~10000 sec
Video Out: CVBS
Min. Illimination: 0.01Lux
White Balance: Auto
WDR: 90db
Day/Night: Color
Power Requirement: DC 4.5V~7V

VTX Transmitter (AKK Nano 3)
25mW and 200mW switchable
One button frequency and power setup
5V to camera @ under 300mA
Input voltage: 3.2-5.5V
Antenna connector: IPEX

MicronWings Test Data (Test Rig)
We have done extensive testing in putting together this system. Shown below is our test rig with the VTX / Camera mounted. The test rig is our own Student Flyer airframe running on 2S with a brushless motor. We are using an FRSky R9 900mhz Tx / Rx system to test the VTX at long range.

MicronWings Test Data (Run Times)
25mw Output with a 150mah Nanotech battery - 21 minutes run time to 3.4volts
200mw Output with a 150mah Nanotech battery - 13 minutes run time to 3.4volts
* Battery voltage drops off rapidly below 3.4 volts. Test your battery's run time before use and leave a safety margin.

MicronWings Test Data (Range)
25mw - >500 meters - Best for park flying
200mw - >1.6 Kilometers (1 Mile) - Best for micro long range

We suggest using 25mw for general park flying out to about 500 meters. At 25mw output power this VTX send a good clear signal from up to 500 meters away.
For longer distances use the 200mw setting. With this setting we constantly observed good video quality out to 1.6km (1 mile).

Park Flying

Long Range Test

Powering the System
The VTX can be run from a single cell as in our test data trials. However, if running a video system from it's own battery you will need to make sure you land well before the battery runs low. Powering the VTX from the main aircraft battery will allow you to monitor system battery voltage via telemetry and is the more reliable option.

Setting The Desired Band and Channel
Note: The VTX board gets very hot.
Use a matchstick or something similar to press the button on the VTX.

Channel Table

Setting the Band (RED LED)
Hold the button down for 2 seconds till the red LED flashes, release and press again for half a second to move to the next band.

Setting the Channel (BLUE LED)
Hold the button down for half a seconds till the blue LED flashes. The VTX has now moved to the next channel. Press the button repeatedly to cycle the channels.
The blue LED will only stay on solid when on channel 1 (CH1)

* Don't click and release the button too fast. Also leave a slight pause between consecutive clicks.

Setting the Power (GREEN LED)
Press and hold the button for 6 seconds till the green LED flashes. Release and click again for half a second. There are two power states. The green LED is on solid when the VTX is set to 25mw and the LED is off when the VTX is set to 200mw.

Price: $68.00
(With 16:9 Camera)


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