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FPV System Micro 5.8G 25mw 700TVL
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VTX Length 22.0mm
VTX Width 10.0mm
Camera 11x11mm
Voltage 2.2-5.5 volt
Output 25 MW
Connector 1.25 Molex
Weight 3.5 grams

This is a great micro FPV option capable of running on 1S (3.7 volt) battery power and also featuring a 700 TVL camera and selectable multi chanel output.

Image sensor: 1/4.5-inch CMOS image sensor
Video Format: NTSC
Resolution : 700TVL
Lens : M7
FOV : 120°FOV, 150°DFOV

Operating Voltage: 3.0V~5.5V
Supply Current: 220mA~400mA @3.0V~5.0V
Output: 25mW
Output Frequency: 5658MHz~5945MHz
Channels: 40ch
Operating Temperature: -20℃~ 85℃
Weight: 3.5g
Dimensions: Camera = 11mm*11mm*11.5mm
Video Transmitter = 22mm*10mm*4mm

Blue LED stays on when unit is in operation
Red LEDs indicate Band and Channel

Channel Selector Button Functionality
Press and hold for more than 3 seconds - Sleep Mode / Active Mode
* Blue LED blinks

Press quickly (click) - Cycle through channels 1 to 8

Press and hold for 1.5 seconds and release - Cycle through bands A to R

In normal operation when powered on, the unit will continue to flash the red LEDs to show the band and channel. It will flash a single red LED by itself to indicate the "Channel" and then a group of red LEDs together to indicate the "Band"

This VTX is flashing the 3rd LED to indicate it is set to the 3rd channel - CH3

The VTX then flashes 5 LEDs together to indicate it is set to Band Fr5 (R)

So the unit above is set to 5732 (Channel 3 / band 5/R)



Price: $43.00


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