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Free Flight 5 Farad Capacitor Drive System
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Weight 4.74g
Max Thrust 11 Grams
Length 30mm
Width 12mm
Height 9mm
Prop 46mm
Motor 6 x 14mm
Lead Length 115mm

This free flight Farad Capacitor Drive System can be charged in just 20 seconds and gives almost 1 minute of flight power. A 4.5 volt charging source is required and can be purchased separately.  The system is supplied with both FR and CR 46mm props to allow you to mount the motor as a tractor or pusher prop. Motor direction can also be adjusted by resoldering the motor wires on the drive board.

The motor will start to run as soon as the charger is disconnected. If you wish to have more control over when the power turns on you may choose to solder a micro switch in-line on one of the motor wires.

Thrust data for the first 60 seconds. The drive system will keep producing electrical power for about 3 minutes and 20 seconds until completely depleted and the propeller will keep spinning throughout this period. However, the useful thrust range of this system is in the first 40 to 50 seconds.

Price: $8.10


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