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GearDrive 4mm 16 to 1 Ratio
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Motor 4mm
Pinion M0.3 9T
Pin 0.76mm
Prop Adapter M0.3
Spur #1 36T
Spur #2 48T
Weight 1.37grams
Ratio 1:16

This geardrive can be built from the components listed below.
It is ideally suited to researchers and hobbyists who want to experiment with their own geardrive / propeller combinations.

Required Components
4mm Motor Translator
4mm Motor
Washers - Teflon - 0.95x3.25x0.4
Brass Bearing 0.78mm Bore
Gearbox Shaft Pins
Prop Adapter For Mod 0.3 Gears
Gear Mod 0.3 - 9 Teeth - 0.68mm Bore
(good fit but also needs CA glue to be fixed to shaft firmly)
2 x Gear Mod 3 - 12/36 teeth - 0.69mm bore
1 x Gear Mod 3 - 12/48SP teeth - 0.76mm bore