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Gearbox 4mm 8 to 46 Ratio
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Weight 1.0grams
Motor Dia 4mm
Motor length 12mm
Ohm Rating 7.5Ohms
Motor shaft 4.5mm
Shaft Dia 0.67mm
Drive Shaft Dia 0.76mm
Spur Gear Dia 9.75mm
Spur Gear No 46 tooth
Pinion Gear No 8 tooth
Prop Connector none
Wires 160mm
Total height 14.0mm
Gears Mod0.2

A very light weight power plant with a strong construction. The housing is made from 1.5mm fibre board and laser cut. The thickness of this housing holds the motor and brass drive shaft surround firmly in place so there is no movement and the gears mesh together firmly. There is also a small hole in the bottom of the housing beneath the motor which can be used to fit the motor to a 0.9mm carbon rod.

The wires are a generous 16cm long and are made from sheathed 45AWG wire. This means that before soldering you will need to burn or scrape the ends of the wire to remove the sheath. Please also note that this variety of motor which is often used for RC helicopter tail rotors may have the pos and neg wires swapped so please check the polarity before soldering.

Prop Mounting
A carbon fiber prop can be mounted by using a Mod0.3 12 tooth 0.78mm bore pinion gear with a Didel pinion to prop adapter as shown in the images below. This gear will need to be glued to the shaft to secute it.

Another method to increase the diameter of the prop shaft is to add an aluminium sheath. In the image below a section has been cut from a 1/16 diameter alloy tube (1.55mm) and this fits neatly over the shaft but still requires gluing. A prop can then be attached by boring out the hub if necessary.

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Price: $12.20


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