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Gearbox 6mm Rod Mount 9 to 42 Ratio
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Weight 2.02grams
Motor Dia 6mm
Motor length 14mm
Prop Shaft 0.97mm
Pinion Gear 9 tooth
Spur Gear 42 tooth
Modulus 0.2
Total height 17.8mm
Total Length 30.0mm
Total Width 7.0mm

This 6mm gearbox features modulus 0.2 gears with a 9:42 ratio. The housing has a square hole in the back to accommodate a 1.5mm square carbon rod for mounting. The square mounting hole is angles to also give the gearbox a small amount of down-thrust. There is also a 0.6mm diameter mounting hole in the housing above the square mounting hole to enable it to be mounted on a 0.6mm carbon rod. By far the lightest weight 6mm gearbox, this design does away with the brass bushings and 3mm bearings seen in other gearboxes and instead houses the drive shaft directly in the plastic housing. The unit has a very smooth action with minimal friction.

MicronWings Test Data
Prop Thrust Amps Volts
80mm White 3.9 Grams 0.29 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 4025 EP 13.7 Grams 0.44 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 4040 EP 10.3 Grams 0.56 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 4530 EP 13.4 Grams 0.60 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 4540 EP 14.1 Grams 0.58 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 5030 EP 15.6 Grams 0.61 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 5043 EP 13.8 Grams 0.65 Amps 3.7 Volts
80mm White 4.4 Grams 0.32 Amps 4.2 Volts
GWS 4025 EP 15.5 Grams 0.52 Amps 4.2 Volts
GWS 4040 EP 11.6 Grams 0.61 Amps 4.2 Volts
GWS 4530 EP 17.2 Grams 0.65 Amps 4.2 Volts
GWS 4540 EP 15.2 Grams 0.68 Amps 4.2 Volts
GWS 5030 EP 16.2 Grams 0.65 Amps 4.2 Volts
GWS 5043 EP 14.4 Grams 0.72 Amps 4.2 Volts
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Price: $14.50


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