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Gearbox 8.5mm Parkzone HBZ4929
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Parkzone HBZ4929


Weight 6.35grams
Motor Dia 8.47mm
Motor length 20mm
Prop Shaft Dia 1.47mm
Spur Gear Dia 11.3mm
Wires 50mm
Total height 20.5mm
Connectors 1.27mm

The Parkzone HBZ4929 is a solid performer with mounting pins to secure it in foam mounts. The drive shaft also features a burred section right where the spur gear fits to ensure there is no slippage of the gear on the shaft. The unit also comes with an 8.5mm motor with brass pinion gear. The motor rating is 1.8Ohm.

The unit is supplied with the main spur gear removed for safe postage. Simply press the gear back onto the shaft with a small gap to allow the drive shaft to spin freely.
Parkzone HBZ4929

Prop Selection
140mm prop 140mm Prop draws 1.9 Amps
gws5043 prop GWS 5043 draws 1.7 Amps

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Price: $29.90

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