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Gearbox N30 14 to 41 Ratio
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Weight 13grams
Motor N30
Shaft Diameter 2mm
Shaft Length 24mm
Pinion Gear 14 Tooth
Spur Gear 41 Tooth
Mount Hole 1.6mm
Height 26mm
Length 52mm
Width 17mm
Connector Molex

This geardrive utilises an N30 motor and is designed to run on 3.7volts (1S). The shaft is made from 2.0mm alloy tube and can be cut to length as desired to fit a 2mm prop adapter or prop saver.

N30 geardrive
N30 geardrive

MicronWings Test Data
Prop Thrust Amps Volts
GWS 6030 EP 70 Grams 3.5 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 5043 EP 57 Grams 3.2 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 5030 EP 52 Grams 2.8 Amps 3.7 Volts
GWS 4540 EP 48 Grams 2.7 Amps 3.7 Volts

Price: $19.80


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