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Gearbox Translator for 4mm Motors (pack of 3)
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Model 4mm
Length 31mm
Width 5.6mm
Weight 0.23grams

These translators can be used to build your own geardrives. They are compatible with 4mm brushed motors and have holes to attach spur gears with 0.7mm shaft pins. The opposite end to that which is being used can be cut off to save weight.

Attach gears with shaft pins. The shaft pins are a very firm fit and may need to be cut to length and sharpened.

This translator can be used to make the following geardrives.
Click on each image for more details and a component list.

4mm 12 to 1 Ratio

4mm 16 to 1 Ratio

5.33 to 1 Ratio
6.66 to 1 Ratio

9 to 1 Ratio


Price: $12.10


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