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Glider Builtup Airframe Falcon
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Wingspan 66cm
Flying Weight 51 grams
1Assembly Instructions

1Plans and Parts Sheets

The Falcon is a high quality kit for the intermediate to advanced builder, featuring detailed built up wing sections. Traditional covering skills are essential to apply the heat activated wing covering sheets. The relatively thick wings produce a slow flight speed and give beautiful glide performance. With a mixture of balsa, harder Paulownia wood and carbon fibre spars, this airframe is strong and designed to last yet very light weight.

NOTE: Covering film may be blue or green depending on current stock. If you have a preference please contact us to check on availability

Included in Kit

* Pre- cut parts
* Sandpaper sheets
* Diagram sheets
* Heat activated Covering
* Base boards for building

Additional Items You May Need
* Cling Wrap
* Flat board (working surface)
* Hobby Knife
* Wood glue
* UHU Por Glue
* BlueTack or putty
* Pins
* Nail File
* Masking tape
* Covering iron (or regular household iron)
* Ballast weights

Test Glide Video


Price: $49.00



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