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Glider Builtup Airframe P1A-1 Soarer
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Wingspan 67cm
Length 52cm
Flying Weight 46 grams
1Assembly Instructions

The Soarer is a high quality kit for the intermediate to advanced builder. It features a tow line hook which allows you to launch the glider with a tow line and then after the tow line detaches, have the rudder automatically deflect to put the glider into a circular flight path as it glides back down.

It not only features a built up wing airframe but also a built up tailplane with an airfoil section. Carbon bracing is used extensively to give exceptional strength while retaining its light weight.

Whether set up for hand launching or using a tow line, the Soarer will give exceptional gliding performance. Setting this glider up for towline operation will require a degree of skill and testing.

Note: The glider specification “P1A-1” is a manufacturer’s specification only and does not denote the glider as being officially approved for any particular gliding competition specification.

This kit is currently being supplied with red covering film for the wings and orange for the tailplane.

Included in Kit

* Pre- cut parts
* Carbon rod
* Ballast weight
* Sandpaper sheets
* Covering film
* Control line linkage parts
* Plan sheet

Additional Items You May Need
* Epoxy Glue
* Wood Glue
* Masking Tape
* Sanding Block
* Cling Wrap
* Hobby Knife
* Pins
* BlueTack
* Nail File

Test Glide Video


Price: $59.00


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