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Glider Dual Fuse Fox
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Wingspan 31cm
Flying Weight 10 grams

1 Assembly Instructions

The Dual Fuse Fox is a fast looking modern dual fuse design with swept back wings and sharp lines.  The main wing section is curved over ribs to give it a slight airfoil shape, and this is also reinforced by the shaped wing root slots and tail boom supports. Balancing the glider is as simple as placing the ballast weight in the nose cavity and you have a very stable glider with slow to moderate flying speeds. The Dual Fuse Fox not only looks great but has exceptional glide performance as well.

Your kit contains the following items
* Pre- cut parts
* Sandpaper sheets
* Diagram sheet
* Ballast weight
* Glue

Additional Items You May Need
* Cling Wrap
* Flat board (working surface)
* Hobby Knife
* Wood glue
* BlueTack or putty
* Tape

Test Glide Video

Price: $12.50



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