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Glider Dual Fuse Swan
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Wingspan 30cm
Flying Weight 15 grams

1 Assembly Instructions

The Dual Fuse Swan is a truly beautiful design with rounded flight surfaces giving it a very “yesteryear”  appearance. The main wing section has a split bend in it to give it an actual airfoil shape, and this is carried over to the wing tips. All this, along with the generous tailplane area give a very stable and slow glide performance. The Dual Fuse Swan not only looks great but has exceptional glide performance as well.

Your kit contains the following items
* Pre- cut parts
* Sandpaper sheets
* Diagram sheet
* Ballast weights
* Glue

Additional Items You May Need
* Cling Wrap
* Flat board (working surface)
* Hobby Knife
* Wood glue
* BlueTack or putty
* Tape

Test Glide

Price: $11.90



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