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Glider Plain Balsa M-P1S-2 Seabird
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Wingspan 49cm
Length 39.5cm
Flying Weight 23 grams
Assembly Instructions


The Seabird is a high quality kit for the intermediate level model builder. A degree of skill is needed in finishing off the model and sanding various parts.

In contrast to other models where the wings are made from 1mm balsa and the balsa sheet itself is curved to make an airfoil shape, with the Seabird the airfoil of the wings is actually made by sanding down the 3mm wing section to make an airfoil.

The wings also feature a hardwood edging strip which adds protection to the edges. Body section parts are made from Paulownia wood (similar to balsa but stronger) and this combined with the carbon fibre tail shaft, give a very durable airframe.

Pack Contents

* Pre- cut parts
* 24cm carbon rod
* Ballast weight
* Sandpaper sheets

Other Items Needed to Complete
* Epoxy Glue
* Wood Glue
* Masking Tape
* Sanding Block
* Cling Wrap
* Hobby Knife

Note: The glider specification “M-P1S-2” is a manufacturer’s specification only and does not denote the glider as being officially approved for any particular gliding competition specification.

Flight Video

Price: $19.50