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Glider V-tail Bellbird
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Wingspan 36cm
Flying Weight 9 grams

1 Assembly Instructions

The bellbird is an easy to build glider for the beginner to intermediate level builder. The construction is straight forward and all parts are pre cut to slot together easily. A limited amount of sanding is needed on the V-Tail section before gluing in place.

The kit features dihedral on the wingtips and these sections are pre-cut so all you need to do is to bend them upward, infuse some glue into the gap and allow to dry. We also provide an angle wedge which is used for the tail and wing tips to achieve the correct angle while drying.

Kit contains the following items
Pre- cut parts
Sandpaper sheets
Diagram sheet

Additional Items You May Need
* Cling Wrap
* Flat board (working surface)
* Hobby Knife
* Wood glue
* BlueTack or putty
* Tape

Flight Video

Price: $16.50



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