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JST SH Y-Connector
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JST SH Nano Connectors 1mm Pitch


Weight 1.15grams
Number/pack 1
length 105mm
Sockets JST SH

Connector for dual aileron setups.

When using this Y-connector with any of the servos below, the negative and signal will be swapped. Check your receiver pin order and reverse the wires on the servo plug if necessary.
MicroAces Servo Origin LSM 1300S Origin LSM 1800L Bluearrow 2512
The DtRx33 receiver with JST SH connectors has the same polarity as this Y-connector.
The LM 6ch LGT receiver with JST SH connectors has the signal and negative pins swapped. If using this Y-connector with this receiver you may need to swap the signal and negative wires on the Y-connector plug depending on which servos you are connecting. Please check your polarity on both the servos and receiver to ensure they are correct.


JST SH Y-Connector

JST SH Y-Connector

JST SH Y-Connector

JST SH Y-Connector

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Price: $13.80


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