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JST SH Y-Connector Reverse Wiring
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Weight 0.8grams
Number/pack 1
length 80mm
Sockets JST SH

Connector for dual aileron setups.

This Y-connector has the correct wiring order for the servos below. However, you should always check your receiver pin order before connecting servos.
1 1 1  
Bluearrow 2512 Origin LSM 1300S Origin LSM 1800L  
1 The DtRx33 receiver has the signal and negative pins swapped. If using this Y-connector with this receiver you may need to swap the signal and negative wires on the Y-connector plug depending on which servos you are connecting. Please check your polarity on both the servos and receiver to ensure they are correct.
1 The LM 6ch LGT receiver with JST SH connectors has the same polarity as this Y-connector.





Price: $ 8.90


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