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Micro Linear Servo
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Micro Linear Servo 1.3 Grams


Weight 1.3grams
Length 20mm
Width 15mm
Height 8mm
Throw 8mm
Torque 35g@4.2V
Speed 0.12s@4.2V
Voltage 3.0-4.2V
Connector JST SH 1mm

This micro linear servo is a perfect match for the DelTang servo receivers if the connectors are changed to ZH Connectors. The weight (including wire and connector) is 1.3 grams, but many other sites list this same servo as weighing 1.1 grams - this is without the leads or connector.

With 35grams of torque it is well placed between the weaker Biometal Servo and the similar looking standard linear servo which has 79grams of torque. So for micro applications in the sub 40cm wingspan range, this servo will do you well.

One important difference between this servo and the larger standard linear servo is the height of the horn itself. this servo has a low horn with 3 holes - two x 1mm holes and a 1/2mm hole in between. This is a big advantage if you are using 0.3mm piano wire for your linkages because there is less play compared to the larger linear servo which only hs 1mm holes. however, on this micro linear servo the horn holes are not above the top of the drive gear. this means that any control linkages are best to lead away toward the back of the motor. So you'll need a bit of thought about how you position your servos - or a Tx with servo reversing.

Also worth noting is that the solder contacts for Pos Neg and signal on this servo are very accessible at the edge of the board underneath and this makes it a relatively easy job to replace the whole wiring if you need to change connector.

This servo is plug and play with the LM 6ch SH Receiver
Lm 6ch receiver





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