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MicroAces Spares SubMicro Aileron Servo
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Length 13.5mm
Width 6.2mm
Height 18.7mm
Arm 36mm
Connector JST SH
Weight 2.16grams
Voltage 1S

MicroAces spare part

This servo is also plug and play with the LM 6ch SH Receiver
Lm 6ch receiver
Lm6ch Rx


Operating Parameters
Storage Temperature Range -20℃~60℃
Operating Temperature Range -10℃~50℃
Operating Voltage Range 3.7V~4.2V

Voltage Based Parameters
Item(Item) 3.7V 4.2V
Operating speed (at no load) 0.07±0.01S/60° 0.05±0.01S/60°
Running current (at no load) 70±15mA 80±15mA
Stall torque (at locked) 0.065±0.01Kg·cm 0.075±0.01Kg·cm
Stall current (at locked) 240±30mA 310±30mA
Idle current (at stopped) 2±1mA 2±1mA
Running life(at no load) >6000 >4000
Temperature drift(at 25°C) ≤1° ­≤1°

Limit angle 180°± 10°
Weight 1.7±0.1g
Connector wire gauge JST1.25-3P
Connector wire length 110 ± 5 mm
Reduction ratio  1/313
excessive play ≤2°
Control system Varying pulse width 
Amplifier type Digital controller
Operating Travel 90°± 10°(1000→2000 μsec)
Left&Right travelling (Angle deviation) ≤ 5°
Centering deviation ≤ 2°
Neutral position  1500 μsec
Dead band width ≤ 8μsec
Rotating direction  Counter Clockwise(1500→2000 μsec)
Pulse width range  900→2100 μsec
Maximum travel  Aprox 125°(900→2100 μsec)



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