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White / Grey Airframe
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All White Airframe
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Wingspan 46cm
Airframe 31 grams
49-85 grams
Channels 3
1Assembly Instructions

The new Mini Delta V2 is designed for stable long duration flights. While not being suitable for aerobatics, this airframe excels in its stability and straight tracking. Designed with micro FPV setups in mind, this airframe features two component bays (top and bottom) which give ample room for large batteries, multiple batteries and FPV gear.

With a wingspan of just 46cm (18 inches), the Mini Delta is suitable for outdoor flight in calm conditions with no wind or indoor stadium flight.

Note: This airframe is supplied without any electronics or motor.
Please see below for suggested electronics packages.

Airframe Overview

Flight Videos

Flight Video - Morning flight with slow motion

Flight Video - Late afternoon flying with no wind and a few landings at the end.
This plane is fitted out with a 950mah battery and an all up flying weight of 63 grams.

Flight Video - Late afternoon with a little breeze.
This plane is fitted out with a 950mah battery and an all up flying weight of 63 grams.

Flight Video - Landings with slow motion

Airframe and Kit Overview
Video available soon

Airframe Construction
Video available soon

Colour Selection
This airframe is available in all white or white with grey trimmings.

Electronics Bays
The top canopy houses the main electronics bay with ample space for large batteries, receiver, ESC and an optional FPV camera mount at the front.

The bottom electronics bay is suitable for housing a directly soldered ESC or an FPV transmitter.

FPV Options
The Mini Delta has been designed from the ground up to accommodate micro FPV units as shown here.
The bottom electronics bay is perfectly suited for housing the FPV transmitter and the kit is supplied with both a standard canopy skin and a skin with a cut-out for an FPV camera.

Recommended FPV System
FPV System Micro 5.8G 25mw 700TVL

FPV Flight Video

Construction Materials
The Mini Delta is supplied in kit form and needs to be constructed. It features a balsa and Paulownia wood frame with carbon rod supports. Genuine Depron is used for all other airframe coverings. 3mm Depron for the canopy hatches and wing tip fins, 6mm Depron for the airframe sides and 2mm Depron for the wing skins.

Download the Assembly Instructions

The build videos below show the step by step construction of this airframe. There are also links in the assembly instructions to the relevant section of these videos.
Build Video - Part 01   Build Video - Part 02

Suggested Electronics Packages
The wing ribs are specifically designed to accommodate 5320 or 5330 type servos. We suggest the following electronics packages.

Micro sub 2.5 gram receivers with built in brushless ESC. These are the latest style receiver with a built in 5amp brushless ESC available for both DSMX/2 and FRSky

The Micro receivers below without an onboard brushless ESC can be used in combination with a separate 3 Amp brushless ESC unit.


This airframe is designed to accommodate either 5320 or 5330 servos. Servos with SH connectors fit the receivers shown above.
5320 Black SH
5320 White SH
5330 Black SH
5330 White SH
Choose from these Molex connector servos below for older style receivers
5320 Black Molex
5320 White Molex
5330 Black Molex
5330 White Molex
ESC Units
3 Amp ESC units which are suitable for the receivers above and for the suggested motor / prop combinations below.
ESC Micro 3A
ESC Micro MX 3A

Recommended Brushless Motors
Motors suitable for 1S Operation
AP03 7000kv
  D1103 10,000KV

Propeller and Prop Saver combinations. We recommend using a prop saver and prop with a 4mm bore instead of a propeller with a 1.5mm bore which fixes directly to the motor shaft. Using a prop saver prevents the motor shaft from damage when belly landing this plane.
90mm eProp
Prop Saver 1.5mm
This airframe can accommodate a range of battery sizes from 300mah to 950mah. However, we recommend at least a 500mah battery for best balance. If using a lighter 300mah battery, you will also need to add some ballast to the front of the airframe to achieve the correct balance point.
240mah with Connector
Nanotech 300mah

Nanotech 750mah
Nanotech 950mah
Extra Ballast Required Extra Ballast Required    

Transmitter Setup
As this model uses elevons, you will be required to setup your transmitter for elevon mixing.
Ensure that you are able to do this before purchasing.

2S Version Setup Info (Link)

We recommend setting up this airframe for 1S (3.7 volt) operation.
However, if you wish to set it up for 2S (7.4 volt) operation, please see the information on this linked page.


White / Grey Airframe
Price: 29.50


White Airframe
Price: 29.50

Recommended Supplies for Building
1 UHU Por
1 Blenderm Tape
Modelling Tape
Micro FPV System