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Minimum RC A6M2 Zero Airframe Kit (MicronWings Deluxe Version)
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Wingspan 37.5cm
Flying Weight 30 grams
Channels 4
Motor 7mm

1Assembly Instructions

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MicronWings sells this deluxe version of the A6M2 Zero under license from the manufacturer, Minimum RC. The MicronWings Deluxe Version features an airframe cut from 3mm Depron as well as improved design features and the addition of ailerons to make this a true 4 channel model.

The A6M2 Zero is small enough to be flown indoors (sports stadium area) by an experienced RC pilot and is also capable of being flown outside on a calm day. With a direct drive 7mm x 20mm brushed motor, this model has the power and speed to perform basic aerobatics such as rolls and loops.


Wingspan: 37.5cm
Flying Weight: 30 grams (with battery)
Channels: 4
Suggested Receiver: 4Ch Micro
Motor: 7mm Brushed Direct Drive

Airframe Kit
(Included Contents)
* Airframe Parts Sheets (Depron)
* Airframe Bracing Parts (Plywood)
* Motor and Propeller
* Control Linkages + Pushrods
* Sandpaper Sheet
* Decal Stickers

Needed to Complete
* Micro Receiver with 2A ESC
* Three Micro Servos (5320 Servos)
* Transmitter and Battery Charger
* Battery (Nanotech 160mah 1S)
* Soldering Iron with Fine Tip
* Epoxy Glue
* UHU Por Expanded Polystyrene Glue
* Hobby Knife
* Blenderm Hinge Tape (Link)
* Modelling Tape - Optional (Product Link)
* Ruler (metal preferred)
* Fine tip scissors
* Tweezers

The kit also comes with a display stand to put your new creation on show.

Airframe Overview Video

Park Flight Video

Sunset Flight Video

Repairing Dents in Depron
Eventually the inevitable is going to happen and you’ll run into something and put a dent in your wing or fuselage. Here’s how to fix it by replacing the damaged part.

Price: $29.50


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