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Modelling Foam White 3mm Small Sheets (pack of four)
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Depron Grey 3mm sheets


Length 33cm
Width 23cm
Thickness 3mm
Colour White
Number in pack 4 sheets
Weight/sqCM 0.00994g

Modelling Foam is a similar product to Depron in that it is made from closed cell foam with almost identical characteristics to Depron. In fact, Modelling Foam is formed using exactly the same material as Depron and the forming process is also very much the same. Modelling Foam, however, does not have a “skin” on the outside as Depron does. It is soft on the surface. Also, of importance to note is that with Modelling Foam, the closed cell structure is not a tight / dense as it is with Depron. This means that with slightly larger closed cells, Modelling Foam is not as strong as Depron. It is however considerably lighter due to the less densely packed cells.
modelling foam

How does Modelling Foam Compare to Depron?
See our Foam Selector page for more information.

depron vs modelling foam


Price: $9.90
(pack of 4 sheets)




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