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Molex 120mm Servo Extension
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Length 120mm
Male Molex 1.25 mm
Female Molex 1.25 mm
Weight 0.91g each
Wire Config Neg Pos Sig
Quantity 4 units

Servo Extension wire.

Note - Not all RC systems use the same wiring configuration. For example, the positive and signal may be swapped on some systems. Please check the wire configuration of your system and servos to ensure the polarity is correct.

The wires on the female connector can be removed from their sockets by lifting up the holding clamp (piece of plastic) with a pin as you slide them out. They can then be swapped and inserted into different slots where they will clip in again. So it may be possible to rearrange the polarity of the wiring to suit your system.

Molex 120mm Servo Extension

Molex 120mm Servo Extension

Molex 120mm Servo Extension

Molex 120mm Servo Extension

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price: $8.90
(set of 4)


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