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Motor 7700kv Brushless
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7700kv Brushless Motor 2 grams


Width 10mm
Rotor Length 4.9mm
Shaft 0.95mm
Shaft Length 7.5mm
Weight 2.02grams
Wires 3
Connector none
Voltage 3.7 volts
Rating 7700rpm/v
Markings none
Tube Length 8.1mm

This is a very powerful direct drive motor for it's weight. Coupled with a 3.7v battery and ESC this motor can offer greater thrust than a brushed motor / gearbox combo of similar weight.

Suggested Setups:
With a GWS2508 you will get 13 grams of static thrust while a smaller 57 x 20 prop will give higher revs and about 15 grams of thrust.

Price: $34.50


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See our Micro PoleCat build thread for an example of a this motor being used in a plane.