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Motor AP02 Brushless
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AP02 Brushless Motor 2.3grams


Width 13mm
Length 8mm
Shaft 1.5mm
Shaft length 4mm
Weight 2.3grams
Wires 3
Connector none
KV  7000
Markings none
max current 2.5A
Brand HobbyKing

This is a high quality motor. It is precision wound with silver-copper wire and ultra hard-press laminations. It will give Extreme performance and efficiency being designed to run with a single LiPo cell and micro ESC.

While GWS 3020 props will simply press on to this motor’s shaft,  a prop adapter is required for larger props. The Plantraco set of 6 prop adapters have two in the set which will just press on and the other related set of prop adapters (set of 5) have smaller holes which will need to be bored out with a pin drill to fit the AP02 shaft. The alloy prop adapter is another option allowing props to easily be removed and swapped.

Test Data:
2508 prop (Recommended)
Voltage: 3.7V
Current: 0.9A
Thrust: 19g

3020 prop
Voltage: 3.7V
Current: 1.8A
Thrust: 27g

Price: $34.60


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An example of the AP-02 motor mounted from our Edge 540 build log. In this build the AP-02 motor powers an 18 gram micro racer with a GWS 3020 prop and Micro 3Amp ESC unit.