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AP03 Brushless Motor
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AP03 Brushless Motor 3.1


Weight 3.1 grams
KV 7000
Cells 1s
Can dia 13mm
Shaft dia 1.5mm
Shaft length 5mm
Overall length 15mm
Mount Holes eye to eye 14mm
lead length 50mm
Max current 3A
Burst current
(10 sec)

The AP-03 gives considerably more thrust than the AP-02. The best prop for this motor is the GWS 3020, however you may run a larger prop being careful of your max current.

While GWS 3020 props will simply press on to this motor’s shaft,  a prop adapter is required for larger props. The Plantraco set of 6 prop adapters have two in the set which will just press on and the other related set of prop adapters (set of 5) have smaller holes which will need to be bored out with a pin drill to fit the AP03 shaft. The alloy prop adapter is another option allowing props to easily be removed and swapped.

Price: $39.10


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Test data:
3020 prop (Recommended)
Voltage: 3.7V
Current: 2.1A
Thrust: 35g

The Firefly build thread shows the AP-03 in use in a rubber powered free flight plane converted to RC. Whne coupled with a GWS 3020 prop this motor will put out 35 grams of thrust. In this build we used a 5Amp ESC unit.
Build thread link

A video showing the AP-03 mounted on a plane and being tested on a thrust meter.
With a GWS 3020 prop this motor puts in a good performance registering 28grams on the thrust meter. But obviously due to losses in this measuring sytem the actual thrust would be more like 35 grams.