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Motor AP05 Brushless 5000kv
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AP03 Brushless Motor 3.1


Weight 5.73 grams
KV 5000
Cells 1s
Can dia 13.1mm
Shaft dia 1.5mm
Shaft length 5mm
Overall length 17.8mm
Mount Holes eye to eye 14.2mm
lead length 60mm
Max current 5A
Burst current
(10 sec)

Prop Volts Thrust Amps
GWS 4530

3.7 volts
3.4 volts

55 grams
49 grams
2.86 amps
2.49 amps
GWS 5030

3.7 volts
3.4 volts
71 grams
56 grams
3.69 amps
3.45 amps

Price: $34.60


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