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Motor Brushed 7mm x 20mm 45000RPM With 75mm Prop
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Length 32mm
Motor 20 x 7mm
Prop 75mm
RPM 45000
Shaft 0.8mm
Lead length 100mm
Weight 4.4 Grams
# in pack 1
Pack Contents
1 x Motor
1 x FR Propeller

This 7mm motor / prop combo is the same one used in the Minimum RC Zero and Rare Bear airframes. The motor is a special 7mm x 20mm 45000rpm version which is well suited to the 76mm prop. Note , this is not the same motor as the 7mm x 20mm Negative Tuned which is also sold on our website. 

MicronWings Test Data
This motor / prop combo can produce the following thrust at under 2 amps making it perfect for receivers with an on-board 2 A brushed ESC.

Propeller Test Voltage Thrust
75mm Prop
(Supplied prop)

4.2 Volts

4.0 Volts

3.7 Volts

30 grams

27 grams

25 grams

To avoid overheating the motor do not run at full throttle for bursts longer than 10 seconds.


Price: $9.90


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