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Motor Brushed 8.6mm x 20mm 2.4 Ohm (Pack of 3)
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Diameter 8.58mm
Length 19.96mm
Shaft Dia 1.0mm
Weight 4.59 grams
Wires 40mm
Connector none
Voltage 3-5 Volts
RPM@3.4V 37500
No Load 70Ma
Resistance 2.4Ohms
# in pack 3 Motors

motor direction

These motors have a 1.0mm shaft. To use some of the propellers listed below you may need to drill the shaft hole out to 0.95mm.

MicronWings Test Data
Prop   Thrust Amps Volts Notes
micro prop 32mm Micro Prop 7 Grams 0.47 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 28mm Tri-Blade 9 Grams 0.56 Amps 4.0 Volts  
GWS 2508 22 Grams 1.46 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 46mm WideBlade 24 Grams 1.55 Amps 4.0 Volts  
65mm TriTurbofan 24 Grams 2.50 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 57 x 20mm Prop 29 Grams 1.94 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 55 x 20mm 29 Grams 1.75 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop GWS 2510 30 Grams 1.87 Amps 4.0 Volts  

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