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Motor Brushed Nano Shicoh 4mm Short - Pack of 3
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Shicoh DC Motor short


Width 4.0mm
Length 9.35mm
Shaft Dia 0.6mm
Weight 0.34grams
Wires none
Connector none
Voltage 3.3 -4.2V
Resistance 40 Ohm
Markings F7
Brand Shicoh V7

This ultra small 4mm short motor is the lightest 4mm motor in production and suitable for experimental builds.

This motor with a 20mm plastic propeller will produce 0.69 grams of thrust and pull 0.12 amps.
A comparison of the size of the 4mm short motor with the standard 4mm x 12mm motor commonly used with 30mm props. The hand carved wooden prop is 20mm in diameter.
With motor leads soldered to the connectors.
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Motor Wires
The motor with a 20mm plastic propeller glued in place. Most plastic propellers will have a bore which is too large and some epoxy glue will be needed to secure the prop. Hand carved props will also need to be glued to the shaft.
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How to make a hand carved propeller

Another way to attach a propeller to this motor's shaft is by using a spacer. Here, we have used a piece of 0.4mm micro pushrod tube which fits firmly over the motor shaft giving a diameter of 0.97mm. The prop can then be pressed on or glued to this tube.

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0.4mm Pushrod
Guide Tube


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