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Motor MT1410 4000kV
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Length 17.6mm
Diameter 14.9mm
Weight 5.95 grams
KV 4000mm
Shaft 1.5mm
Prop Adapter 3.97mm
Mount Holes 12.5mm
Hole Diameter 2.0mm
Max Amps 3.5 Amps

This high revving motor can be used on both 1S (3.7volt) or 2S (7.4volt) systems. The prop adapter is suitable for GWS or similar props which have a 4mm bore. Note that although the shaft is 1.5mm, the prop adapter part is not removable. The unit is supplied with a prop adapter o-ring, but mounting screws need to be purchased separately.

Note: Max reccomended amps is 3.5Amps

MicronWings Test Data
1S (3.7 volts)
Prop Amps Thrust Motor Temp (after 20 second run)
GWS 4025 1.29 A 34 grams Cool
GWS 4040 1.49 A 32 grams Cool
GWS 4530 1.35 A 34 grams Normal
GWS 4540 1.61 A 33 grams Warm
GWS 5030 1.47 A 37 grams Warm
2S (7.4 volts)
Prop Amps Thrust Motor Temp (after 20 second run)
GWS 4025 2.9 A 92 grams Quite warm
GWS 4040 4.0 A 74 grams Quite warm
GWS 4530 3.4 A 103 grams Hot
GWS 4540 3.7 A 95 grams Very hot
GWS 5030 3.8 A 110 grams Very hot



Price: $32.80
All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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