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NanoStick Kit
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Wingspan 23cm
Channels 3 (no aileron)
Weight 5.9 grams
Kit Options
Airframe Only
Airframe + Electronics
(See options below)

Build Instructions

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The Nano Stick (MicronWings Version 2)

The Nano Stick MicronWings Version 2 brings micro flight to a whole new level. At an optimal flying weight of 5.9 grams all up with battery, this micro airframe exhibits excellent slow flight characteristics and stability. This kit is now only available in the airframe only version without electronics. Intermediate building skills will be required to complete the kit.

MicronWings sells our own updated Version 2 of this airframe which is very different from the original version sold by other supliers.

MicronWings Version 2 Aiframe Original Airframe sold by other suppliers
Flexible and unbreakable foam surfaces
Surfaces will not be damaged or break at all.
Balsa surfaces can be easily damaged
Balsa can chip and split. Repairing with glue adds weight.
Light-weight electronics (2.1 grams)
Original electronics package (2.36 grams)
Receiver with soldered connectors means additional weight
Carbon wing spar
Two additional wingtip ribs
Better wing airfoil curvature and uniform shape
No carbon wing spar
Only one central rib - No wingtip ribs
Mostly flat wing requires angle of attack to generate lift
Battery connector on lead
Easy to connect and disconnect the battery
Battery connector soldered to Rx board
Connecting battery applies pressure to Rx board

Purchasing Options
This Airframe Only kit is perfect for experienced builders who have their own RC gear, actuators, gearbox and so on to complete the kit with.

Purchasing Option - Airframe Only

Included In Kit
Airframe Parts
Foam Flying Surfaces
Carbon parts

Not Included In Kit
DSM2 Transmitter
Gearbox and Propeller

* Construction Required

For experienced builders only, this option just includes the airframe kit. Use your own RC gear to fit-out the airframe and supplement with any of the products shown below as needed. Please note that your maximum all up flying weight should be below 6.8 grams. The airframe itself without motor, prop, receiver or actuators weighs 2.8 grams.
You may require some of the products below to complete the airframe. Note that we recommend the hinge actuators shown below as the cut-outs in the airframe are designed to match these exactly.
Actuator Set 4mm 8 to 46 Gearbox 76mm Propeller 28mah Lipo Cell
  DelTang Rx53 DSM2 Rx DelTang Rx43 DSM2 Rx  
  receiver receiver


Airframe Overview and Flight Video

Flight Video with slow motion.


Airframe Only



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