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Nano-Tech 300Mah Battery With MCPX Plug
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Weight 7.8 grams
Length 48 mm
Width 18 mm
Height 6 mm
Capacity 300 Mah
Voltage 3.7v
Discharge 35 C
Connector MCPX
Maker Turnigy

Note: This item can not be sent outside of Australia due to postal regulations
This battery is designed specifically for the E-Flight Blade mCPX and it’s a replacement for the standard battery (part number: EFLB2001S25)
The Turnigy battery has more power and can produce longer flight times for helicopters but it is also a perfect size for larger models and park flyers giving good performance and duration for uses with AP-02 or AP-03 motors.

Their real advantage is higher discharge for weight density. These batteries use a LiCo nano technology substrate complex which makes for a smooth power transfer. This is achieved due to their very efficient oxidation / reduction process which allows the battery to operate with less internal impedance. The power density of these batteries reaches 7.5 kw/kg.

Price: $13.90


Postage is not available outside Australia for this item.

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