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Prop Adapter For Mod 0.3 Gears (pack of 3)
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Mod Size 0.2
Gear Size 12 tooth
Diameter 6.0mm
Length 5.37mm
Nib Diameter 0.9mm
Weight 0.1grams
# in pack 3 units

These prop adapters fit neatly over the inner 12 tooth gear on Mod0.3 pinion and spur gears. Please note that they are a very firm fit on the pinion gears, so care is needed when attaching them.

A carbon prop can then be glued to the face of the adapter and be perfectly centered with the nib. A small amount of CA glue around the base will keep the adapter in place. These are sold in packs of three

* Gears not included
* Propeller not included

These prop adapters are suited to the following Mod 0.3 gears

Gear Mod 0.3 - 12/36 Teeth - 0.69mm Bore

Gear Mod 0.3 - 12/48SP Teeth - 0.76mm Bore

Gear Mod 0.3 - 12/60L Teeth - 0.78mm Bore

Gear Mod 0.3 - 12/81L Teeth - 0.78mm Bore

Price: $12.10


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