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GWS EP 3020 Propeller - Pack of 5
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GWS EP 3020 Propeller


Diameter 83 mm
Shaft Bore 1.5 mm
Weight 1.06 grams

Good for direct drive motors of gearboxes with a 1.5mm shaft.
Suggested motors are the AP02 for brushless configurations with an ESC.

Please Note: Propellers may be black, grey or orange depending on current stock
If you require a certain colour please contact us before purchasing to check we have it in stock.

GWS 3020 The GWS 3020 was our prop of choice for the FireFly build. Coupled here with an AP-03 motor it puts out 35 grams of thrust and easily poweres this 28gram model through the air.
Build thread link

Was: $2.00each

Now: $7.60
(pack of 5)
(NEW Lower Price)



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