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92mm 3 Blade Propellers FR CR Set
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Weight 1.76g each
Diameter 92mm
Hub Thickness 9mm
Hub Resess 4mm
Bore diameter 1.2mm

This set of props are for twin engine aircraft - one is forward rotating and the other is contra rotating. Use a DelTang receiver unit which has dual Brushed or brushless motor outputs.

Price: $8.40
(set of 2 props)

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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There is enough area within the hub to drill the bore out to 4mm and attach the prop
to a prop saver as shown below. With the prop bored out to 4mm you can also fit it to
a prop adapter allowing you to then attach it to a motor with a shaft less than 1.2mm Diameter.

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To attach a three blade prop to a two pole prop adapter align one pole with one of the blades
and use 10mm bands working from one pole and then from the other to secure the prop as shown below. Then attach the top blade with a band looped twice from the top pole behind the prop (not shown in image below)
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