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Receiver 4 Ch 2A ESC DSM2 for Actuators
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lemon 7ch receiver


Modulation DSM2 Only
Channels 4
Length 25.5mm
Width 11.5mm
Height 6.5mm
Weight 0.71 grams
Connector 1.27mm 2P
ESC Type Brushed
ESC Rating 2 Amps

This actuator comes with pre-soldered elevator and rudder connectors as well as a motor connector. The aileron channel does not have a connector soldered. It also has a standard Molex 1.27mm Pitch battery plug on the board. This receiver is suitable for DSM2 modulation only.

The connectors on the board are 1.27mm pitch square pin connectors. See the links below for related plug n play motor and actuators.

Gearbox 4mm 8 to 46 Ratio with Connector  
Actuator Set Hinge with Leads and Connectors  

Binding Process
1. Turn the transmitter on
2. Supply power to the receiver.
3. Wait till the white light on the receiver flashes rapidly.
4. Put your transmitter into bind mode.
5. The light on the reveiver comes on solid when bound.

Price: $58.00

All prices in AUD
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