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Receiver 4Ch DSMX With 2A ESC
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Band DSMX Only
Voltage 1S
Weight 1.37 grams
Length 21mm
Width 12mm
Height 6mm
Channels 4 Ch
Onboard ESC 2A

This ultra light weight receiver is compatible with the DSMX protocol only (not DSM2). The recommended power input is between 3volts and 5 volts but the unit can also safely operate on just 2.5 volts.  The servo connectors are JST SH (1mm pitch) connectors – throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder. There is also an onboard 2 Amp brushed ESC. You can solder your motor wires directly to the pads under the board. It can run both micro servos and linear servos.

To bind the unit connect power to the receiver and wait a few seconds for the red light to flash fast. Note that this unit can not bind to DSM2 transmitters - only DSMX transmitters.

If the motor won't run, reduce the throttle trim to zero and re-connect.

Then turn on your transmitter in bind mode and wait for the receiver to bind to the transmitter.

Note: Some people report problems getting the throttle to arm with the throttle trim set to neutral or higher. If the motor will not arm, move the throttle trim to the lowest position.

Brushed Motor Setup Example
The image below shows the receiver set up with a brushed motor and three 1.7 gram "Servo 5320 Black SH" servos. The motor is run by the onboard brushed ESC which can handle up to 2 amps of current.

BrushLess Motor Setup Example
The image below shows the receiver set up with a 3 Amp brushless ESC and brushless AP-02 motor. With this setup the ESC is connected to the throttle servo port (servo number 1) the same as a standard RC setup. However, power is still supplied to the unit by the dedicated power connector. Note that the unconnected brushed motor wire shown in the image below is not needed. Three 1.7 gram "Servo 5320 Black SH" servos are also attached.

5320 SH 1.7 gram Servo

Many thanks to Ash Collard (scruffy1 on RC Groups) for his feedback and additional information on this unit.


  Note on using this receiver with the iRange iRX4 Lite Module for FRSky Transmitters.

If you are able to bind the receiver to the iRX4 module but the throttle doesn't work then check that you are using the settings as shown below.
  First create a model profile. Set the internal RF to none and set the external RF to Multi and then select DSMX 22um. Bind to the receiver and check that the receiver is bound and the servos are working correctly.
If you can't get to this stage then do some research on the internet about how to bind the receiver. The instructions below only relate to the situation where the receiver is bound and the throttle is not working.
  Model Settings Screen 4

In the individual model settings check that the Inputs screen shows the order AETR. Most important is that throttle is on CH3 (third from the top)

Model Settings Screen 5

Make sure that the Mixer screen shows the same order.


Model Settings Screen 6

Move to the Outputs screen in the model profile.


Model Settings Screen 6

Select CH3 and chose Edit


Model Settings Screen 6

Set the PPM Center to 1450 instead of 1500. Also ensure the transmitter trim for the throttle is set to the absolute minimum.


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