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Receiver 4Ch FrSky Bare Board
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lemon 7ch receiver


Modulation FRSky
Voltage 3.5-10 Volts
Length 25mm
Width 11mm
Height 4mm
Weight 0.9 grams
Connector None
Hole Pitch 2.54mm
Channels 4

This FRSky receiver weighs in at just 0.9grams and gives full range performance. The bare board format keeps the weight to a minimum allowing you to solder servo wires direct to the board or to solder just the connectors you need for a standard JR / Futaba servo connector. The addition of a dedicated bind button means no more searching for bind plugs at the field as well as reducing the overall weight.

Note: This receiver is suitable for use with 1 - 2S power systems up to 10 volts.
However, operation with a 2S battery will require servos which can also operate at 2S voltage.

An example of the receiver with 2.54mm pitch connectors soldered (not included)
2.54mm Square

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Binding Process
1. Turn the transmitter off (or ensure the transmitter isn’t in bind mode).
2. Hold the bind button on the receiver down as power is connected to the receiver.
    The blue light will turn on and stay on constantly.
3. Ensure your transmitter is set to D8 Mode and enter bind mode on the Tx.
3. The blue light on the Receiver will go out and stay out.
4. Exit bind mode on your transmitter. The blue light on the Rx will flash slowly.
5. Disconnect the power to the receiver and re-connect it again.
6. The bind process is now complete.

Price: $29.80


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