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Receiver 4Ch FrSky With 2A ESC
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lemon 7ch receiver


Modulation FRSky
Length 21.5mm
Width 12mm
Height 6.5mm
Weight 1.05 grams
Connector JST SH
Channels 4

This FRSky receiver comes with JST SH connectors and an on-board 2 Amp brushed ESC.  Utilise the solder pads on the board to solder your brushed motor direct to the board, or plug in a brushless ESC into the channel 1 port. The unit also has a handy bind button.

Note on Channel Order
In order to use the inbuilt brushed speed controller, this receiver requires that the throttle stick be on channel 1. Make sure you change the channel order in OpenTX if you use the simple model wizard as that will normally put throttle on channel 3.

OpenTX (and FrSky9X) allow arbitrary channel allocation but for this receiver it may be simplest to just use the Spektrum TAER channel order rather than the usual Futaba AETR channel order.

Bind Procedure
1. Hold Bind Buton down while connecting power to the receiver and continue to hold the button down till the LED flashes quickly.

2. Put your FRSky transmitter into bind mode.

3. After a few seconds the led on the receiver will stop flashing quickly.

4. Take the transmitter out of bind mode,
disconnect and reconnect the receiver power.

If the motor won't run, reduce the throttle trim to zero and re-connect.


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